Are you looking for an accountant or a state authorized public accountant in Copenhagen?

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, BUUS JENSEN in Copenhagen can help with accounting, auditing and consulting.

Including financial advice, succession planning, annual accounts, VAT settlement, etc.

At Buus Jensen, 50 skilled accountants are ready to help you.
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BUUS JENSEN is a well-established auditing and consulting firm headquartered in Copenhagen.

We solve any auditing task. We emphasize close dialogue and a transparent and value-creating collaboration.

Of course you need to keep track of bookkeeping, VAT, tax and annual accounts in your business, and for us it's also about developing your business in the direction you dream of.

At Buus Jensen, we focus on personal contact so we can make a difference for you and your business. We are around 50 employees ready to help you, and we know what we stand for. We are 8 partners, 6 of whom have helped shape Buus Jensen since we started as trainee accountants. This gives us peace of mind, so we can focus all our energy on you and your business.

What is a chartered accountant?

The title of accountant is not protected. This means that, in principle, anyone can call themselves an accountant. But not just anyone can call themselves a state-authorized public accountant. It's a protected title that only those who have undergone special training can call themselves.

Being trained as a state-authorized public accountant also means that you can perform audits for listed public limited companies and other companies that have specified in their articles of association that audits must be performed by a state-authorized public accountant.

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